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    National Regional State of Tigray Martyrs' Memorial Monument Center


    Scientifically preserve, promote and keep the legacies, historical documents and heritages of those who fought and sacrificed their lives for liberation, right to self-determination and an urging desire for equality among nations and nationalities (of Ethiopia) alive for the current and generation to come through the establishment of learning, research, recreational and tourism centers.


    To see the Center become a hub of research activities, conferences and tourism in the Horn of Africain the year 2017 E.C, and stand as a timeless witness of perseverance and courage for those who fought and sacrificed their lives (Martyrs) to the betterment of the people of the Region and the country at large.

     Statues and the monument

    The martyr's monument is built for an everlasting commemoration of all the patriots who aimed and sacrificed their irreplaceable lives on behalf of their people for the sole reason of self-determination of the Tigrian people and its social liberties during the past seventeen years of blood struggle.
    M3- The Martyrs' Memorial Monument with its footing standing on a plat form which rises long into the air ending with joined open-hands holding a gear with the globe on its top is adorned with various structures on its sides.


     1-The notable globe on top

    It is reflected from every direction to show the continuity of this struggle and an everlasting vigilantly maintenance of those victories. Due to this fact, the height of the monument is 51mts long, an odd number, illustrating its incessant. This struggle is an all sided spearing to secure the freedom, development and right of the oppressed people.

    2- Open arms with joined gear

    Its upper most view which highlight the evoked festivity of the oppressed people after the victory, that harbor peace are expressed by the open arms with its joined gear a depiction of those honored martyr whose scarification a brought, creative society and a beneficiary of technological developments.

    3- Long erection rushing into the air

    The martyrs' monument when viewed from its delegated position has vivid long erection rushing into the air, indicating the struggles strong popular historic foundation.

    4- Footings / Basement

    Its four footings are an expression to the collaboration and participation of the various oppressed classed during the course of the struggle marching towards the mere interest of their people

    5- The Hewn logo

    The hewn logo of the T.P. L. F shows that how this stout party guide the arms struggle significantly to its ultimate objectives with a spike representing the Tigrai agrarians who were the core stem of the struggle.

    6 - Status on the right and left of the monument

    The memorial status erected on the right and left of the martyrs' monument is commemorating to those innocent civilians who had severely persecuted, displaced and exiled to neighboring countries for the grounds of their reaction, and how the combatant treat this people by fighting the enemy on the other hands.

     7-Flambeau on monument's center bottom

     It's to the oaths put by the people to their martyrs' who in hermit them those victories at the expense of their invaluable lives, to honored them as sacredness for everlastings.

     The city's land mark.

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